Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Magnetic Sewing Pin Holder

Got a little crafty for Valentines Day, yes I consider it a made up holiday but still, I thought she would appreciate something useful. I usually get potted perennials that we can put outside but as we have flower bulbs still in their package on the porch from September I'll forego the tradition!

Things I would have done differently,

A wider piece of metal. I don't write in cursive except in french and realized quickly that the piece of flat stock was very narrow. Also, I didn't even try to practice first and I haven't busted out the welder in awhile.  Also, I need to put gas on it, the flux core is so spitty. And that role was very old, thank goodness it ran out early, the new roll was far smoother. Check out the video and subscribe, comment, or suggest!!!

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