Thursday, November 16, 2017

The Long Dark brings out the Wildlife

With the long dark nights come the interesting happenings of all things nocturnal. We've been woken up by many a bump in the night. This video was the third night this Black Bear came by to visit, the first time she completely eluded the trail cam but I was able to see her with a flashlight. When I turned on the flashlight it suddenly occurred to me that I was in my boxer shorts 30 feet from a 300 pound black bear. Luckily they don't actually like people (they do like their food though) and she was quick to leave the area. this clip is from this summer but I thought I'd use it to start the winter wildlife watch!

Here's a link tot he Moultrie game camera I have at the moment, I think I'll look into upgrading to a higher resolution or possibly a live streaming camera.