Tuesday, May 9, 2017

ArbequinaOlive and Camellia Sinensis

Unboxing my order for Arbequina Olive and Camellia Sinesis.

The Arbequina Olive should fair well in our orchard and hopefully provide us with some good nutritious olives. Camellia Sinensis should also fair well on the border of our orchard providing winter and early spring color as well as amazing leaves for all the tea we can imagine.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Landscape Master Plan

Landscape Master Plan
1. To govern the overall maximum benefit to the health of all inhabitants
(Humans, Bear, Deer, Rabbits, Mt. Beaver, Birds, bats, bees, etc…)
2. To protect and enhance the watershed 
3. To act as a potential Wetland Mitigation Plan in anticipation of any
additions, alterations or renovations 
4. To provide food, shelter, harvestable materials and beauty.
5. To follow the basic principles of permaculture with an emphasis on native species where appropriate.
6. To include management of soil erosion caused by storm water runoff and bioremediation through phytoremediation and myco remediation. 
7. To remove and eradicate invasive species including ivy, knotweed, something and something and something else???? 
Plant Purpose Abbreviations 
PNW Native Species
M Medicinal
FB Fruit Bearing
PA Pollinator Attractor
N Nitrogen fixer
EG Evergreen
BA Bioaccumlator
T Edible tube
BR Bioremediation 
Plant List
 Plants on this list are to be introduced in addition to the existing landscape of canopy trees, understory fruit and nut trees, shrubs, flowers and herbs, groundcover, and mushroom patches.
Native Species are labled PNW (Those listed shall be used in any mitigation plans) Code 
Red Flowering Currant   Ribes Sanguineum  FB PNW
SnowBrush  Ceanothus Veluntinus PA PNW N EG
Cascade Pentsemon    Pentsemon Serrulatus PA PNW
Service Berry   Amelanchier Alnifolia FB PNW
Wild Ginger   Asarum caudatum M PNW
Kinnikinick  Arctostaphylos uva ursi  M PNW FB EG
Arrowhead   Sagittaria Latifolia  T PNW BR
Great Camas Camassia Leichtlinii T PNW PA
Yarrow   Achillea Millefolium M PNW BA
Elderberry   Sambucus Caerulea & Nigra M PNW FB
Agricultural Plants
Camellia Sinensis Tea PA EG
Goumi Elangus multiflora FB N
Seaberry  FB N
Comfrey BA
Hibiscus Tea/wine PA
Jujube FB
Olive (Arborquina)  FB
Passion Flower FB PA
Kiwi FB
Moringa tree  Moringa oleifera M
Saffron Crocus    Crocus sativas Spice PA
Pineapple Broom   Cytisus Battendieri   N