Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Time Changes

The memories of Summer still linger, stored with a smile as to not forget the warm dry sunshine. What a great Summer though, the Fall harvest was early and Autumn waited for the calendar to filp to October. The rains are upon us and as one might predict came with the remnants of a hurricane off the Pacific.

With Day Light Savings kicking in, it's dark before 5 o'clock which doesn't leave much time to be working outside. With that in mind I feel less guilty about sitting at the computer so I hope I'll have more time to write, edit and publish. It seems as though blogs are out of date and I get more traffic on my Youtube channel than I'll ever see on here.

Regardless! I have a whole summer of projects to document, so I'll try to spend equal effort in writing as videography.

This will be the first Winter since we switched out all off our lights to LED's. That should be a huge cost savings but more importantly, BRIGHT! Next on the list is the exterior lights and now that it's dark so early I'll have to be getting on that.
Because this is ugly

Because this is efficient

Becauase Damn, now I have to paint the ceiling

It's nice to not have those voids where the compact fluorescent bulbs were. Also, the CFL's took awhile to warm up in the winter, it was kinda of like a slow glow that was easy on the eyes in the morning but good luck finding anything before work.

Oh yes, I have more projects to show but the sun is out and that is rare so I better be getting on.

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